Ways to Save on Heating Costs in Your Beverly Hills, CA House & Apartment; Annual Tune Up & More

People all have their own opinions and tastes but one thing we can all agree on is saving money! Everyone loves saving cash here and there. It’s the small things that add up in the end. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating loves happy customers and we want to help you get the most bang for your buck this cold winter season. Following are a few money saving hacks to try in your home!

Have Your Furnace Heating System Serviced Annually

By maintaining your heating systems each year, you can ensure you’re not throwing money away on leaky air ducts, faulty thermostats, worn out mechanical parts or leaking fluids. Every time we perform an annual inspection, we will check your entire system to ensure everything is in good working order and ready for the weather ahead. Along with your annual maintenance, be sure to keep your air filters changed out as they get dirty to maximize air flow.

Take Advantage of Free Solar Energy During the Day

When you’re home during the day, turn your thermostat down and open your curtains and let the sunshine in. Doing so will allow you to warm your home with the sun’s powerful rays instead of cranking up the heat.

Using Ceiling Fans to Circulate Heat

Unlike cool air, hot air rises. If you flip the switch on your ceiling fan, it will run in reverse which will bring the warm air back down and keep it circulating for a warmer home. Ceiling fans are extremely affordable to run and will end up saving you twice as much in the end with regular use.

Limit the Use of Exhaust Fans in the Kitchen & Bathrooms

Exhaust fans do a marvelous job removing unpleasant smells, but they also extract a lot of hot air too. Only turn them on as necessary to retain as much heat as possible.

Turn Heat Down While Away or at Night

You don’t want to pay for energy no one is using while you’re away. Turn your thermostat down before you leave or go to sleep at night.

Check House Insulation

If you go to the Department of Energy’s website, you can search by zip code to see how much insulation is recommended for your home, then add additional insulation as needed. Do a walkthrough of your home to ensure your windows and doors are still properly sealed. If you can feel a draft or see light through the cracks of the doors or windows, it’s time for better weather stripping so the heat you put in, doesn’t escape.

Use Fireplace to Help Heat the House

If you have access to a fireplace, use it as often as you’d like and turn the heat way down to save some cash. When the fireplace is not in use, be sure to close the damper so the heat doesn’t escape.

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JMS Air Conditioning & Heating wishes you and your family a happy, safe and cost effective holiday season. Give our office a call to schedule your annual maintenance today!