Most Common AC Repairs in Granada Hills, CA Due to Dirty Condenser Coils, Bad Capacitor & More

The A/C unit is the core of your cooling system, as it is used to cool the indoor air by removing the heat and help manage the humidity levels in your home. There are quite a few reasons as to what can be causing the air conditioner to not operate fully or at all, and we at JMS Air Conditioning & Heating would like to list the most common causes that lead to the need for air conditioning repair services.

Clogged Air Filter Symptoms

Clogged filters will prevent the air conditioner from operating correctly or at all. Filters are designed to gather the lint, dirt, dust, and debris floating in the air and once the reach capacity, the airflow is restricted. Every 1-3 months the filters should be replaced or cleaned according the manufacturer’s suggestions, but also take into account there are variables that might require maintenance sooner.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant does not get used up like fuel or oil, but continues to cycle, and if there is not enough, it indicates a leak that will cause the air conditioner to not work effectively. It is required that a licensed technician repair and recharge your refrigerant issues.

Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is frequently the issue when the A/C is not working properly. Usually a simple fix, the thermostat may need readjusting or batteries, or possibly a replacement may be in order.

Dirty AC Condenser Coils

The outdoor unit features the condenser coils and because of the exposure to the outdoor elements, they can get built-up with dirt and debris. Be sure to annually hose down the coils to ensure proper function, if you are not comfortable with it, hire a pro to clean them for you.

Air Conditioner Contactor Problems

Contactors for the blower motor, the condenser fan motor, as well as the compressor and they make an electrical connection to start the motor and compressor. In the event there is arcing and pitting on the contactor, it may become difficult for electric current to start the motors.

AC Drain Line Keeps Clogging

The drain line commonly clogs from the buildup of dirt, dust, and lint. Clogs cause the drain pan to fill and overflow, which causes water damage and potential mold growth to the surrounding surfaces and components.

Need to Clean AC Evaporator Coils

The heat in the air is absorbed by evaporator coils and with the help of a series of air ducts, cold air is sent back inside. Corrosion can occur on the coils and with a cleaning, you can avoid the corrosion.

Tripped Breaker & Blown AC Fuse

The breakers and fuses help prevent the air conditioner unit’s motor or compressor from overheating. When the technicians come to inspect a non-responsive air conditioning unit, the first thing they often check is the breakers.

Bad AC Capacitor

Without the capacitors, there is no functioning of the motors that power the compressor and fans. The start capacitor initiates an initial jolt to activate the motor, and a series of jolts delivered from the run capacitor, continues the operation of the motor. Without one or both of the capacitors, the air conditioning unit runs inefficiently.

Failing AC Compressor

The refrigerant is supplied with energy from the compressor so it can properly propel through the coils in order to carry out the heat exchange. A failed compressor will not stop the A/C from running, but it will not efficiently cool the home. As the compressor continues to run hot, the overheating eventually causes it to seize without enough refrigerant to prevent it. Also, the compressor will fail if there is too much refrigerant and it is returned.

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Air conditioning repairs are necessary and eventually happen, though you can significantly reduce the breakdowns with routine maintenance services. When they do occur, you have the expertise of JMS Air Conditioning & Heating to make the repairs effectively and in a timely manner. Call us today at first sign the A/C unit is not running up to par to avoid the problem from getting worse.