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JMS Air Conditioning & Heating is the top HVAC specialist in Greater Santa Clarita, California. We provide all of the necessary services for your heating and cooling requirements. Our trained technicians paired with the highest quality products and well maintained equipment, deliver exceptional HVAC services. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating strives to exceed the high expectations of our valued customers and by providing excellent service on every job. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating is your go to company whenever you need HVAC system services!

Air Conditioning Repairs, Tune Ups, Replacements & More

When your air conditioner is not cooling your home or business adequately, it’s vital to have an honest and knowledgeable HVAC technician inspect your central air conditioning system. Improper care such as leaving a leak unchecked, adding the wrong refrigerant or other DIY neglect or errors can exacerbate the problem. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating will always do the job right the first time. After a consultation with you regarding the problems you are experiencing, we will inspect your ac system, diagnose the problem and outline your best options. Sometimes that consists of a simple cleaning or emergency repair. In rarer circumstances, we may recommend an air conditioning system upgrade. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating also provides preventative maintenance services to keep your central air conditioner running optimally all summer long.

Heating Repairs, Tune Ups, Replacements & More

As an extension to central air conditioning maintenance, JMS Air Conditioning & Heating also provides heating maintenance services to keep your central heating system in optimal condition. You shouldn’t attempt DIY repairs on furnace heating systems. Furnaces are complex machinery, and it takes a knowledgeable and skilled professional heating contractor to diagnose why your loved ones are being left in the cold. Our schooled heating technicians can identify and resolve issues. Sometimes this translates to a straight forward repair, replacement parts or the installation of a new central heating unit.

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It’s never too late to schedule your Greater Santa Clarita, California HVAC system services with JMS Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us for all your cooling, heating and indoor comfort needs.