How to Determine the Right Furnace Size for Your Topanga, CA House Heating Replacement

When it comes to your HVAC system equipment, there are countless reasons as to why you should have licensed, certified and trained technicians install them. Not only are the certified pros ideal for installation, but they are optimal from the beginning of the process. The initial task of sizing the furnace correctly for the home is a job better for professionals who possess the special knowledge required. If the furnace is too small or too big for the home, the wrong calculations can lead to costly mistakes. With this in mind, we at JMS Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating would like to take the opportunity to relate furnace sizing to help you get the right size furnace for your home.

Undersized or Oversized Furnace for Home

Where most people have been told about getting the right sized air conditioner for there to ensure performance, comfort, and energy efficiency, few know that the same applies to getting the right sized furnace for their home. Much like an air conditioning unit, if the furnace is not sized correctly, it will have a difficult time keeping up with the demand, produce high energy costs, and experience temperature inconsistency. This results in expediting deterioration, causing more repairs and reducing the expected lifespan. The furnace that is oversized is equally detrimental as it will commonly cause the home to be too hot, especially in rooms close to the furnace, and the cycling is also too frequent, causing the need for more repairs.

Furnace Size Calculator

A few HVAC manufacturer websites will provide a useful tool for getting a general idea of what size is appropriate for your home and that is charts or calculators to help you estimate furnace size based on the square footage of your home. To ensure the maximum fit, however, an experienced HVAC technician can get a more accurate calculation. To figure the right size furnace, below are a few of the stats to help you.
– Figuring the R-values and U-values of Doors, Windows and other Elements
– Sunlight Exposure
– Square Footage
– Type and Volume of Insulation
– Integrity of Home Envelope
– Efficiency of Ductwork
– Cubic Feet of Indoor Air Space
– Climate Zone

Measure Twice when Replacing Furnace

What are actually the causes of an ill-fitting furnace are what many people commonly perceive as a faulty furnace. When the furnace is having issues, a professional can evaluate the furnace and tell you if it is due to improper sizing. If the furnace is the wrong size, or simply too old, the expert can recommend a replacement and help begin the process correctly by calculating the right size. There are two main numbers important when buying a new furnace, the BTU, or British Thermal Units, which is the amount of heat the furnace actually generates. The other is the percentage of that heat that makes it into your living spaces, or the efficiency rating.

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In any case, if you are having issues with your furnace, or know you are in need of a replacement, call JMS Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating and let our certified technicians help you get the right size and energy efficient furnace and ensure it is installed safely and correctly.