Central Furnace Heater Making Clunking, Rumbling, Rattling & Other Noises in Burbank, CA

When you are out in the cold of a winter day you want to be able to head home and warm up. That means that your heater needs to be working and functioning properly. This is the only way you can keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter months. When the heater in your home starts to have problems you want to make sure that you have it looked at and repaired right away. There are other ramifications that come when your heater is not functioning properly. It can lead to a gas leak or a house fire if the problems are severe. The heater is manufactured to work and not make any noises that would disturb you and your family. If you start to notice sounds that are not normal you want to make sure that you have it looked at and inspected right away.

JMS Air Conditioning & Heating Outlines what Loud Furnace Noises Mean when it Kicks on or Runs

Loud Boom from Gas Furnace: You may start to notice there is a bang that occurs when your heater turns on. The heater is set to start up when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. There is often gas that is turned on and then an ignition occurs. This will light the gas and start the process of heating the air that is being sent throughout your house. When you hear a loud bang you want to make sure that you call out a professional right away. This is not a sound that you want to ignore because it means that the gas is building up and the ignition is starting late. The sound is a small explosion that is occurring and you want to make sure that you take care of it before it causes a crack. If there is a crack in the unit it can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. This can be deadly and you want to make sure that it is taken care of before this happens.
Squealing Sound from Furnace: When you start to notice there is a squealing sound that is coming from the heater you want to have it looked at. This is not a danger to you but it is something that is causing damage to your heater. The likely reason that this sound is occurring is from a problem with the fan belt. The belt might be worn out or the area needs to be lubricated. These can both be handled with the help of a professional.
Furnace Making Rumbling Sound: Another sound you want to keep your ears open to is the sound of rumbling. The rumbling sound is something you will usually hear when the pilot light is low. When this happens the flame is not able to ignite the gas. You need to look at the flame and if it is the wrong color or not high enough you want to make sure that it is adjusted. The light should be a glowing blue and not have any orange flame at all.

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