Winter Energy Saving Tips in Malibu, CA; Conserve Heat & Other Ways to Save on Heating Costs

When you work to make your home more energy efficient during the winter, you don’t just save the environment but money as well. There are several steps you can take to save big time on your heating bill each month that don’t require too much effort. JMS Air Conditioning & Heating is here to share some tips to help you save big each month on your heating bill.

Utilize Sunlight to Save on Electric or Gas Bill in Winter

Many people don’t realize the impact the sun can have on the indoor temperature of their home. The best part of using sunlight to heat your home is the fact that it is free. The sunlight that flows through the windows of your home can drastically change the temperature of your house. Make sure you open the window coverings on your windows during the day and close them at night keep the heat the sun generated during the day within the walls of your home.

Think Warm Clothes to Cut Heating Costs

By changing the temperature on your thermostat just a few degrees, you can save big time on your energy bill. The next time you go to turn your heat up, think about putting on warmer clothes instead and save on heating. What’s more, if you keep your house ten degrees cooler at night and use more blankets or flannel sheets on your bed to stay warm, you will see huge savings.

Using Ceiling Fans to Circulate Heat

It seems like turning on your ceiling fan in the winter would make no sense, but when you change them to turn clockwise, they will actually pull the warm air down from the ceiling to help warm the room. All you need to do is turn it down to the lowest setting and ensure that it is turning in the right direction.

Heat Whole House or Rooms You Use?

If there are rooms in your home that you hardly ever set foot into, there is no reason to heat them. Perfect areas may include your basement, guest areas and storage areas. Close the vents in these rooms and you can save money.

Don’t Cover Vents

Sometimes homeowners find that their vents are covered and they had no idea. If you have any debris that is blocking the airflow, your furnace isn’t going to heat your house completely and you will blindly keep turning the heat up in an effort to solve the problem. If you can avoid it, make sure you don’t have any furniture on top of your vents. You will find that the room is heated much more efficiently when you don’t have anything over the vents.

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