Homeowner Care & Professional HVAC Tune Up Preventive Maintenance in Santa Monica, CA;

As most recognize, maintaining your HVAC systems is important. It offers many advantages such as reducing the need for repairs, decreasing the energy bill, increasing the longevity, significantly reduce the risk of serious problems and breakdowns along with improved efficiency and safety, and so much more. To ensure your HVAC system is well taken care of, there are some maintenance steps you should complete, and the rest should be done by a pro. With that in mind, we at JMS Air Conditioning & Heating would like to share which maintenance you should do and what the professionals do.

Homeowner HVAC Maintenance

Top priority is to schedule a professional tune-up twice a year; the cooling system maintenance in the spring and the heating system maintenance in the fall. For those with a heat pump, still schedule tune-ups twice a year.
Conduct the following steps throughout the year to manage your equipment and keep it running smoothly, perform:
1) On a monthly basis, change the air filter. The overall efficiency of your heating/cooling system can be impacted by a clogged air filter as it prohibits airflow. When the filters need to be changed, some units and/or thermostats can notify you; if not be sure to effectively remind yourself.
2) From around your outdoor unit, remove the debris and cutback the vegetation at least 18 inches away from around the outdoor unit.
3) As you notice layers of dust, be sure to hose down the filth off the unit.
4) Make certain there is no furniture, curtains, clutter, or rugs blocking the supply and return registers.

Professional HVAC Tune Up & Maintenance

The professionals are better performing the following as they have the tools, knowledge and skills. During their seasonal tune-up, professionals conduct the following:
Evaporator & Condenser Coils: The cooling system commonly have dirt and debris compacted on the coils, hindering its efficiency. A major part of the HVAC system tune-up is to clean off the coils in order to make sure it is functioning accordingly.
Thermostat: The thermostat needs to be calibrated correctly to make every season comfortable. To adjust to day-to-day needs, a programmable or Smart thermostat is ideal.
System Controls: Specific operation to the start cycle and shut-off sequence is essential. Professionals make sure the sequences are correctly applied.
Electrical Connections: Leading to shortening the lifespan of the units and inefficient performance that can become dangerous circumstances are the result of loose connections.
Lubricate Moving Components: Lubricating the necessary parts is essential to avoid damage that can occur from getting overheated, too much friction can be harsh on the systems. Decreasing the use of electricity, reflecting on your bills, lubrication helps parts move smoothly.
Condensate Drain: Condensation is frequent, when cooling units and condensing furnaces function. The condensation collects in a pan and drips down the drain. However, over time, buildup can cause obstructions that block the drain pipe. Water damage to the system and/or your home can be the result of an overflowed drip pan. Professionals can easily check and clean the drain.
Other aspects the professional takes care of include, but is not limited to, the blower, the refrigerant charge for the cooling system, the fuel line connections from the gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger in the heating system; which ensures everything is in optimal condition, efficiently playing their part and is operating safely.

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